Via Egnatia – a road to ancient history

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Via Egnatia is one of Ancient Rome’s roads which has had an immense impact on the historical and cultural development of the Balkans in general. Cultural monuments, fortresses and a ton of remnants along this road still stand witness of the magnitude of Rome’s impact on the development of civilization.

Elbasan is one of the cities that has been heavily influenced by the Roman Empire, with Via Egnatia as a key in its historical and cultural development.  Paleo Christian basilicas, an ancient fortress and a lot of other cultural monuments from the period stand witness of time long gone by, but still very alive in the history the Roman Empire decided to set in stone.

Elbasan is now a modern city, with a lot of modern content to offer tourists. Spas, fancy hotels, bars and restaurants. But its rich history, its wonderful spirit, and the stories the city has to offer make it a special place, one that you need to add on your bucket list.

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