Тhe Krivoshija Waterfall

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It is quite the hike. Not easily accessible for people who don’t actively hike. But, trust us, it is worth it.

The Krivoshija waterfall is part of the very short Krivoshija river (Krivoshijska Reka) which is a small mountain river, a tributary to Pena river, that flows for only 3.5 km. But in those 3.5 km, because of the wonderfull mountain terains, it has two of the most amazing waterfalls you will ever see.

A good 2 hour hike from the village of Bozovce, you will come to Krivojshija lake and Krivoshija river. Enjoy a nice break, and if you are up for it – visit the astounding peak of Sreden Kamen.

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