Gijnar - a fairy-tale like place

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Just an hour drive from Elbasan, lies Gjinar - a wonderful mountain city. The rest of Elbasan region is more or less a valley, with interesting cities and villages. But Gjinar is an exception. Located on 800 meters above sea level, this place has great air quality, a lush forest filled with local flora and fauna where you can get lost in its beauty. A short walk around the surrounding villages will be a great way for you to recharge your batteries and fill up your lungs with some high quality 02

Many restaurants, guest houses and other smaller businesses are at your disposal in Gijnar. Whether you are looking for a local specialty for a light lunch, or planning to have a full on feast with all the local delicacies, Gjinar has a lot to offer. Traditional lamb, chicken and pork, a lot of different types of cheese, as well as great rakija and wine for a complete adventure for your taste buds. This place, albeit little, has to offer everything that a tourist could want - great cuisine, breathtaking sights and a very potent memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life.