Shebenik National Park - a place for adventurers.

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For all lovers of adventure – Shebenik-Jablanice park is a place you must visit. Wondrous meadows, sky blue glacial lakes, peaks are just some of the things you can see in the national park. Wheather you want to hike, bike, enjoy a nice stroll, or go all out with off-road vehicles, you are sure to enjoy an adventure here.

These 339.277 square kilometers are a home for grey wolves, brown bears and the ultra rare Balkan Lynx, which is protected by law, a kind of lynx that fought it’s way back out of extinction, thanks to the efforts of a lot of nature preservation societies in Albania and Macedonia.

If you are looking to complete your journey with one of kind experience – visit Astro Toruism, and gaze at the stars on a clear summers night. Take in the vastness of the universe as you camp in the national park, and experience freedom to the fullest.