Elbasan - a cuisine like no other

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When thinking of cuisine, probably the Elbasan region is not the first thing that comes to mind for the average tourist looking for a food-centric experience. But believe us, the Elbasan region has too much to offer to mention in one single blog post. Even though you might not think it, Elbasan has a great food scene and а dish for every palate.

The Elbasan tava or “tav kosi” is a definite favorite of both locals and tourists visiting the region.  For all meat and dairy lovers this dish combines perfectly both, lamb meat in a yogurt like dairy sauce, baked to perfection.  Stuffed peepers and fergesa are great dishes to go as appetizers with this. This can turn out to be quite the feast if you are up for it. Best enjoyed with local rakija and wine, and of course great company.

Not a fan of meat and dairy? Don't worry. Locally sources products are available in any restaurant and any establishment.  You're in Albania. You won't go hungry for sure!