Restaurant ‘’Kacamak’’

Max People: 200

Min Age: 12+

Another reason to visit Gostivar! Recently in Gostivar a special restaurant was opened, where you will feel special thanks to the traditional style and the best service. In our menu you will find Petunica traditional Albanian food, made according to the recipe passed down from generation to generation. The restaurant also has a wood-fired oven with delicious pizzas and pancakes. We also have a traditional cafe where you can have a traditional tea or coffee with the best taste! Throughout history, Kachamak (Begërdari) has been regarded as the food of the poor, but over the years people have begun to see the health value of this food today. Today, Bagërdari is served in the most prestigious and quality restaurants and you can get the same quality with us. Kachamak comes from the Turkish word "Kachamak" which means adventure. It is a kind of flour mash mainly prepared by the peoples of the Balkan countries. Kachamak is also known as Baghdara in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, a meal made with corn flour, traditionally served with yogurt or cow's sour milk. It's food similar to Italian Polentan or Romanian Mamaliga. Kachamak is served with white cheese, while in Serbia it is served with cajmak, yogurt, honey, milk or some roast meats. Contact: 0038970471366 More info on:

Departure & Return Location


Boris Kidric 1230 Gostivar
Gostivar, North Macedonia