Explore Tetovo Fortress

Max People: 25

Min Age: 12+

The Tetovo Fortress is located on the top of the Baltepe, at an altitude of 803 m above see level, 220-250 m high and at an area of 108,000 square meters. The builders stipulated the strategic position because from the fortress, the bigger part of the Polog Valley can be controled. The Tetovo Fortress was built in 1820 by Abdurrahman Pasha. It is said that the beginning of the construction was done by Abdurrahman Pasha's father, Rexhep Pasha, and that the construction took nearly 20 years. Abdurrahman Pasha did not finish his construction. This cultural monumentis a rare beauty of the past. Its composition is complex. The interior is comprised of 5 sarays, large kitchens, baths and well in the middle of the fortress. Visible influence of Ottoman architecture appears. During the various wars it was damaged many times.

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Tetovo, North Macedonia