Group visit to the cave Gjonovica

Max People: 10

Min Age: 12+

For all lovers of true adventure Speleo Club Korabi on October 3 and 4 organizes a group visit to the cave Gjonovica which is located near the village of Gorna Gjonovica in Gostivar. In addition to the numerous and diverse cave decorations that abound in the cave, the last cave extension (10 x 13m) is especially interesting, in which there is an underground waterfall 5 - 6 meters high. Cave fauna was discovered in the Ubavica cave, whereby the endemic representative of the genus Ceutnophies was registered. The price includes equipment, sandwich and transport from Gostivar to the cave.

Departure & Return Location


Gostivar - Gjonovica village
Gostivar, North Macedonia