Visit Clock Tower in Elbasan

Max People: 30

Min Age: 12+

The Clock Tower in Elbasan is much more than a building that showed the exact time through the centuries. The place is also a meeting point for young people, tourists and citizens of Elbasan. Almost all Albanian cities, such as Prizren, Berat, Shkodra, Pristina, Peja, Kruja and Elbasan, were equipped with such facilities during the 17th century. The idea was brought by local traders who were in frequent contact with European countries. Traders have also brought the clock mechanism to make the tower a dominant urban element. From there, they also introduced timing mechanisms, for which they built special towers in shopping malls or in places near them to make the tower the dominant element of the city silhouette. Even Evliya Chelebi in her travelogues describes the clock tower as a very beautiful and functional building. Over the years, the infrastructure of the city of Elbasan has changed drastically, but the clock tower has remained a historic monument.

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Elbasan, Albania