Monastery of Saint Jovan Bigorski

Max People: 25

Min Age: 12+

In the valley of the river Radika there is the famous Monastery of Saint Jovan Bigorski (XVI). The Monastery of Saint Jovan the Baptist or Bigorski is built on a limestone rock and is made of limestone, hence the name Bigorski ("bigor" meaning limestone in Macedonian). The Bigorski Monastery is a monastery complex located on the road between Gostivar and Debar, near the villages of Rostuše, Bituše, Velebrdo and Trebišta, along the river Radika. According to Bigorski's monument, the monastery was founded by the monk Jovan in 1020. In the 16th century the monastery was destroyed by the Ottoman authorities and out of the whole complex, only a small church was left. The monastery was rebuilt in 1743 by the monk Ilarion, who was also the first abbot of the Bigorski Monastery in more recent times.

Departure & Return Location


Mavrovo-Rostushe, North Macedonia