Waterfall on Duf

Max People: 30

Min Age: 12+

The waterfall is located near the village of Rostuše, on the slopes of Krčin Mountain, in a dense forest. It is an erosive waterfall that was created as a result of the regressive cracking of the river bed of the Rostuška River. According to the geological structure, the most common are carbonate rocks. The total vertical section of the waterfall is 23.5 m and the lower part contains a giant pot. The waterfall is full with water year round, with the flow doubling during the winter period. The average flow is about 90 liters per second. The waterfall is in an easily accessible location and it does not require much physical effort to reach it. A 1,020 meters long marked hiking trail leads to it, so if you walk at an average pace, you reach the waterfall in about half an hour. Halfway through, the trail runs along the canyon of the Rostuška River, which in some places is up to 100 meters deep. At the end of the canyon is the waterfall, hidden behind rocks, with an altitude of over 25 meters. The site has mountaineering equipment that allows visitors to climb the rocks surrounding the waterfall. Visiting this natural landmark is charged 50 denars, which also includes a waterfall brochure, as well as a tour guide service. Photo source: Wikipedia

Departure & Return Location


Mavrovo-Rostushe, North Macedonia