Hospice of Halim Derala Pasha

Max People: 500

Min Age: 12+

Halim Derala's hospice is a representative object that fascinates you with its outward appearance. The traditional syntax of building European elements that, as modern from the west, penetrated the territory of North Macedonia in the mid-19th century, made this object a solely artistic achievement. The building was constructed in the early 19th century. Halim Beg's hospice is asymmetrical. It consists of a ground floor, first and second floors. The ground floor consists of several interconnected spaces with a long corridor. Most of the premises can be accessed directly from the yard. In the past, these areas served as storage space for food and rooms for the servants. In the representative part comes a typical baroque-style entrance with curved stairs. On the front there is a large courtyard reception on one side and another hexagonal high place on the other. In the back there are three other areas. The facade decoration around the windows and banisters is a typical "baroque style", decorated with flowers and leaves. Richly elaborate facades on the west, formed by three volumes connected, yet at the same time independently from different heights, with a special decoration. Halim Bey's hospice changed over time, from a housing facility, to a municipal administration, then to premises of the judicial authorities, administrative center of the hospital complex, etc. Today a daily mental health center is set up in this facility.

Departure & Return Location


Tetovo, North Macedonia